Choir Director                        Mr. Nick Young                      nyoung@altusps.com

Varsity Chorale 

Altus High School’s flagship auditioned vocal ensemble which consists of up to 40 full divisi (SSAATTBB) voices. Varsity Chorale performs the most advanced choral repertoire in the program which spans many different genres. Special emphasis is given to daily sight-singing and extended choral technique. (Grades 10-12)

Treble Choir 

A freshman only beginner’s ensemble that learns music literacy and the basics of choral technique through accessible yet challenging repertoire. Emphasis on daily sight singing activities. (Grade 9)

Men’s Choir 

This non-competitive beginner’s men’s choir is a workshop on vocal technique and music literacy that uses accessible and often comical music as literature. Special emphasis on “finding our voice” as young male singers. A no-judgment zone for voice cracks.

Advanced Treble Choir 

An extension and evolution of the Treble Choir, this non-auditioned group continues the work shopping of quality choral repertoire to give a more technical look at women’s music. All genres of choral repertoire are covered in this class. There is a strong daily emphasis on sight singing and music literacy. (Grades 10-12)


An auditioned special curricular ensemble which focuses on full divisi (SSAATBB) pop, rock, indie, and jazz a cappella repertoire. BHX has more public appearances and is the main liaison from the program to the community. Special emphasis on creativity, comradery, and team building. (Grades 10-12)