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Strong and enduring, Altus High School has maintained these characteristics for many years. Although the building was remodeled and students and staff members have changed many times over the years, the one constant factor has been the elements of tradition, blue and white spirit, and a commitment to represent our community proudly.

With a newer campus, highly qualified staff, and an enrollment of approximately 900 students, AHS is an educational icon in the community. Our school's mindset and values have remained true to continued integrity, academic achievement, and extra-curricular participation and successes. Tradition is created, not inherited. Years ago, a dedicated group of educators, inspired students, and community members created a foundation, one strong enough to endure multiple changes, new ideas, altered demographics, state-mandates, and growth on campus. Many staff members have built upon this foundation and have improved what AHS offers its students, both in academics and extracurricular; similarly, AHS students have continued to "rise to the occasion" over the years, striving to remain on top academically, athletically, and socially in campus activities, clubs, and community events.

Tradition is an amazing facet of education, particularly on a a campus as seasoned and cultured as AHS. Our school is a remarkable place to spend four years learning and a great place to make a difference for students. Our mission continues to be "Opportunity-Excellence-Success" as we intentionally prepare every student to have an array of viable options when they graduate from AHS.